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Telephone Interpretation


professional and reliable telephone interpretation available in over 130 languages


ASIT offers over-the-phone interpretation using a dedicated toll-free access number. Our telephone interpreters provide professional, accurate, and reliable interpretation.


Our clientele greatly benefit from our on-demand telephone interpretation service accessible anywhere in the nation. Our telephone interpreters always listen carefully to ensure the most accurate and objective interpretation is performed. We have excellent Spanish interpreters, French interpreters, Mandarin interpreters, Vietnamese interpreters….the list goes on and on. Their goal is not word-to-word interpretation, but instead meaning-to-meaning interpretation. This means they are proficient in the languages being interpret as well as knowledgeable in the topic under discussion and culture and/or dialect being used.


Call ASIT 877.312.1300 or please use our quick contact form to the right to contact us ASIT can help resolve challenges that arise when language is creating a barrier to effective communication. Learn about all the language services we offer; call ASIT today.

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