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About Us

About Us


Arkansas Spanish Interpreters and Translators, Inc. (ASIT) is a reliable and reputable interpretation and written translation service agency. We work with over 130 languages, utilizing more than 7,000 language experts from all over the nation.


Interpretation and Translation Nationwide
Arkansas Spanish Interpreters and Translators, Inc. (ASIT) interpretation and translation services include Spanish interpretation, Sign language interpreters, medical translations, over-the-phone interpretation, and in-person interpretation.


ASIT works with corporations, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and other medical facilities, federal, state, and county agencies, and school districts. ASIT also provides interpreters for the legal industry.

ASIT can provide interpretation at business/conferences meetings and seminars, teleconferences, trade delegations and dignitaries, international negotiations, tours and field trips. Our translation department provides voice-over video production, weddings and social events, and simple to complex written translations for over 130+ languages.


Our Track Record
ASIT works with a wide range of clientele including but not limited to insurance companies, government agencies, medical organizations, investigators, legal firms, school districts and commercial and small business firms.


As the preferred provider for hundreds of insurance companies, we work under contract for multiple government agencies. Spanish interpretation and translation is a high priority in the United States; we provide Spanish interpretation & translation services on a regular basis throughout the nation. Diversity in US immigration is on the rise which increases the need for other language services besides Spanish interpretation. ASIT provides accurate and reliable interpretation and document translation services in over 130 other languages including American Sign Language.


Networked Client Records
ASIT has a system that is above any other interpretation agency out there. It allows us to accurately and efficiently track interpreters, interpretation appointments, professional translation projects, Spanish interpretation request, medical translation, and the many other language services we offer.
We have developed proprietary software that ensures the most efficient billing, client tracking, scheduling, and other client and customer services possible. Our clients are impressed at the customer service we provide and enjoy being able to talk to someone directly for any needs they may have.


Contact us today at 877.312.1300 to learn more about our interpretation and document translation services. Get a free estimate.

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