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Established in 1995, Arkansas Spanish Interpreters and Translators (ASIT) provide professional and reliable document translation and interpretation. ASIT is a wholly owned subsidiary of Interpreters Unlimited (IU). IU has been providing document translation services and language interpretation nationwide since 1970. Our services include in-person interpretation, written translation (including medical translation), Sign Language interpretation, Spanish interpretation, Spanish translation service and medical translation for many federal, state, and county agencies, corporations, Fortune 500 companies, healthcare and medical facilities, legal firms, insurance companies, those handling workers’ compensation, and the academic arena.

If you need over-the-phone interpretation, on-site interpretation, a document, manual, or instructions translated into one or multiple languages, a recording translated, or need a solution where language is creating a barrier to effective communication, contact us today at 877.312.1300 or request a free estimate now.


In-Person Interpretations: ASIT can provide a language interpreter for your next business meeting or event. We work with highly professional language translators with impeccable language skills. In-person interpreters are just one of the many language professional translation services offered by ASIT.


Translation & Transcription: Our highly-skilled language interpreters are experts in translating and transcribing any type of media in almost any language. Professional translation services at ASIT provide comprehensive translation and transcription services; all under direct supervision of an experienced project manager ensuring all your needs are met.


Telephone Interpretations: Have an important phone call coming up that requires professional translation services; depend on our language interpreters who provide perfect transcriptions of the conversation. Our interpreter staff is comprised of a range of interpreters some of whom are certified language interpreters who offer interpreter services over-the-phone or in-person.


Spanish Interpreters: With the increase of the Spanish-speaking population in the United States, ASIT has seen an increase in the need for quality Spanish language interpreters and Spanish language translators. Our Spanish language experts provide flawless Spanish to English translator services and English to Spanish interpreting with equally high skill levels. Learn more about our Spanish translation service.


ASL Interpreters: ASIT is committed to meeting the needs of the hearing-impaired community by providing excellent American Sign Language interpreters to help bridge the gap between the deaf and those with full hearing. ASIT works closely with ASL interpreters certified by RID to furnish fast and accurate Sign Language translations.


Language Certification: ASIT understands the importance of properly assessing and then training an interpreter or translator. We provide inhouse certifications which include this training and testing. This is ensures our interpreters or translators are assigned to the translation or interpretation that best fits their skill set. This also helps us meet our high standards of customer satisfaction and service quality.

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